We’re here to support you and your family 
We’re here to support you and your family 

Why Are We Here? 

We provide that re-assurance and peace of mind that’s so important to families and friends who are placing their loved one in the care of another. 
We’re here to take away all the day to day worries of managing a property with its maintenance and bills, and ‘magic away’ all the domestic processes of cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping. With you not having to worry about the day to day mundane aspects of life, you’re free to make the most of everything you possibly can. 
We’re here to support you and your family – we want to be part of the extended family. 

What Do We Do? 

We provide the kind of environment and atmosphere that you’d get at home, making the move into Care as seamless as possible. 
We intend that you come to regard our carers and other support workers as friends and members of your extended family. 
You tell us what you’d like to do, and we do whatever it takes to help you do it - safely! 

What Are Our Staff Like? 

Pretty much like you and me, but are employed for their professional patience! 
They are all highly trained and motivated to develop their careers by using not just their professional expertise but their life experience as well to ensure that the people in their care have the opportunity to make the most of every minute. 
They are genuinely interested in what they do – they are naturally considerate and kind. And, most importantly, they are supported by us to do the job to the best of their ability. 
Every day is different and even the little routine things are not always necessarily the same – a resident’s priorities of need can be quite variable from one day to the next, as can their mood and general health. Every day is an opportunity for staff to draw down on the experience they’ve gained, to appreciate how someone might be feeling that day, and to think about how more effective they can be in providing support and in completing even the simplest of tasks. 
At Lakeland Care we encourage staff to develop this practical expertise by engaging on programmes of continuous training and personal development. Vocational training and regular updates are essential for areas such as Moving and Handling, Medication, Mental Capacity, Dementia, Abuse and Food Safety. For personal progression and career development we encourage staff to complete qualifications in care from Level 2 right through to Leadership and Management. 
Above all, our staff work for us because they want to have the chance to make a positive difference, for both the people in their care and themselves. 
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